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Yusra’s Shattered Hope of Leaving the Caravan: The Inability to Prove Ownership of a Destroyed Home

Gaza | Nurhan Al-Madhun:

She holds a piece of cardboard, waving with it near her face to get a bit of a breeze, for the surrounding air only makes the heat more intolerable, like hot wind passing through fire only to flare up its flames.

Fatima's Dream

Khuza’a Fatima (4 years old) was not fully aware of what exactly had transpired with her family on that exceptionally scorching hot July summer night. She did not know why her family who lives in Khuza’a Village all the sudden had to move from their second floor flat, into to her grandfather’s first floor flat, but she did however sense that it was not for a happy reason.

Abu Jamous family: Life in a wooden caravan

Khuza'a, Gaza Strip- "Um-Fat'hi" put her little one in the baby cot and took her outside to catch some sunshine, as the inside of their temporary shelter (wooden caravan) never sees any sun. The caravan stood right next to their home in Khuza'a, east of Khan Younus. The house was completely destroyed by Israel during the 2014 aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Toys on a Cold Caravan Floor

Shujaeyya, Gaza- The car drew closer to our destination; its wheels rolling slowly on the muddy unpaved road. The driver suddenly stops and points towards what is supposed to be our end destination. We found ourselves before a fence made of corrugated tin sheets, which in order to reach you need to walk through a huge puddle of mud.

UN database for Gaza aid may give Israel targets to attack — secret memo

A document obtained by The Electronic Intifada revealed that the UN was warned that its database of potential aid recipients in Gaza could provide Israel with targets for future attacks.

Diplomats and UN officials were also warned that plans for rebuilding Gaza after it was attacked by Israel in 2014 violated international law.

Aid Watch Palestine Participates in Palestinian Civil Coalition Conference for the Monitoring of Gaza Reconstruction

Aid Watch Palestine participated in the first conference for the Palestinian Civil Coalition for the monitoring of Gaza reconstruction process, which was held in Gaza. The Conference discussed the reconstruction of Gaza one year after the the Cairo Conference on Palestine held in October 2014, where donors pledged aid for the reconstruction of Gaza after the Israeli aggression of July-August 2014.

Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism Database

Produced by the United Nations Office for Project Services (, this website provices access to real-time information about purchases through the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism, including shelters, residential, projects, and vendors. Also available in Arabic.

Private Oxfam International Briefing for “Conference in Support of the Palestinian Economy for the Reconstruction of Gaza” on 2 March 2009

Non-public briefing note to frame issues in advance of the 2009 donor conference in response to the 2008-9 Israeli aggression on Gaza. Addresses politicization of aid and accountability of aid damage, among other issues. 2009. 6 pages. English only.

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