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Field Study

Restricting Aid: The Challenges of Delivering Aid in the OPt

This summary of a survey about international actors in Palestine concludes significant, widespread and costly movement and access challenges the INGO's are facing as they deliver aid to Palestinians. By: Association of International Development Agencies. (

2011. 13 pages. English only.








Preparatory Stakholder Analysis for the World Humanitarian Summit MENA Consultation

Report of the Middle East and North Africa regional consultation in preparation for the World Humanitarian Summit (  Summary of issues raised including section on humanitarian financing. 2015. 31 pages.

Failing Gaza: A Report One Year After Cast Lead

This assessment and critique of international humanitarian response was released one year after the 2008-2009 Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. It includes a call to action. By: Several international NGOs including Diakonia, MAP-UK, Mercy Corps, Oxfam and others. 2009. 18 pages. English only. 

Real Aid: Ending Aid Dependency

A high-quality 64-page study by Action Aid that builds on reports published in 2005 and 2006. Defines "read aid" and "substandard aid" using a credible methodology that is applied to specific donors. Provides examples and explanations to argue for changes in global aid policy.

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