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Take Action

Global citizens, you have an important role to play in re-envisioning aid and holding the aid system accountable. As taxpayers, citizens, activists and philanthropists, you can influence your country’s aid policies and the impact of your own giving.

Actively Respond to Misleading Media
Contribute to public discourse by challenging mainstream and social media coverage of Palestine that is simplistic, misguided or hateful.
Learn About Your Country's Aid Policy
Contact your own country’s representatives to challenge the policies that undermine Palestinian self-determination and perpetuate aid dependency. Here are some groups you may want to join.
Volunteer for Justice in Palestine
There are many groups working internationally in solidarity with Palestine. Joining us at Aid Watch Palestine is a start!
Donate to Aid Watch Palestine
We are a small organization of dedicated volunteers and donations of any amount help us to monitor aid, educate the community, and advocate for change. Contact us to find out how to give.
Hold Israel Accountable
Demand that your government hold Israel accountable for violations against Palestinians. For example, report the damage or destruction of assets to your country’s political representatives with a formal request that Israel be held accountable to pay compensation.