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Aid Watch held a Series of Roundtable Discussions on International Aid

Ramallah- Aid Watch Palestine (AWP), in cooperation with Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, held a series of roundtable discussions in Ramallah and Gaza on three research papers related to international aid.

Specialized people along with a number of journalists, activists and Palestinian youth attended these discussions.

The roundtables discussed three research papers, “Foreign Aid and Palestinian Fragmentation”, “Mapping of Donor Funding to the Occupied Palestinian Territories 2012 - 2014/15”, and “Research on the Complaints Processes of Aid Actors in Gaza”.

The discussions emphasized on the importance of these researches and its role in enhancing AWP work and increasing the performance of watching international aid.

These roundtable discussions recommendations included; the need to urge the donors to protect their implemented projects in the PNA from the Israeli attacks, the need to follow up on funds and ensure  its just distribution in Gaza and West Bank, the need to conduct an inclusive study on international aid covering the period 1996-2006, in addition to, the need to ensure that future studies should include all international aids funds provided to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

 It’s worth mentioning that, AWP will adopt these recommendations and work on them in the future.