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The Ceasefire on August 26, 2014: A Promise Unfulfilled

Israel launched “Operation Protective Edge” on the Gaza Strip on July 8, 2014 followed, on July 17, by a ground invasion. The assault did not come to an end until a ceasefire brokered by the governments of Egypt, Qatar and others was declared on 26 August.

By then,

  • 2,132 Palestinians killed, of whom, nearly 70% civilians
  • 71 Israelis killed, of whom 5 were civilians
  • 10,000 Palestinians injured
  • 69 Israelis injured
  • 100,000 Palestinians left homeless

The 2014 assault, codenamed “Operation Protective Edge” by Israel, was the third in just six years. After each one, international community has reiterated its call for an end to the underlying conflict, but at no party has taken effective steps to end the siege, and much less Israeli colonialism, apartheid and occupation.

As we count the days since the August 26, 2014 ceasefire, we are compelled to ask why aid actors have not fulfilled their promises and obligations to hold Israel accountable, to ensure an effective humanitarian response, and to address root causes of the conflict in order to prevent further violations.