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Take Action

Aid actors (public, private, international and Palestinian), you have an important role to play in re-envisioning aid and holding the aid system accountable. Working inside the system, you have important insight about things that can be improved and how to improve them.

Share Your Knowledge
Help Aid Watch Palestine to fill information gaps by sharing data from your organization publicly on your website or contact us to share information confidentially.
Understand Critiques of Aid and Development
In order to improve the aid and development sector in Palestine it’s important to be familiar with the critical perspectives.
Reject Politically Compromising Funding
Support Palestinians in their efforts to reject conditional funding.
Maintain a Complaints and Response Mechanism
Make sure your organization has a functioning complaints and response mechanism in both English and Arabic that anyone can access. Please send us the link and share your experiences with us.
Provide Simultaneous Arabic and English Content
It’s important that there be no delay in having information published in Arabic, not only English. Documents intended to influence decisions should be released first in Arabic along with a process for public comment.
Pursue Equitable Partnerships and Solidarity
In accordance with the Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness, all organizations should aspire to equity and solidarity. This toolkit provides guidance:
Reduce Salary Disparity and Increase Palestinian Leadership
Be honest, transparent and ethical about salaries and reduce disparities between international and Palestinian staff. Increase Palestinian representation at leadership levels of the organization.
Hold Israel Accountable
Demand that your government hold Israel accountable for violations against Palestinians. For example, report the damage or destruction of assets to your country’s political representatives with a formal request that Israel be held accountable to pay compensation.